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The 30-Year plan for Greater Adelaide
2017 Update

Townships, Fringe and Rural Areas

Townships, Fringe and Rural Areas

The Update to the 30-Year Plan will continue to retain the unique nature of rural towns, which contributes significantly to the diversity, beauty and attraction of Greater Adelaide. This will also protect the sense of community and identity of the towns as well as maintain the region’s attraction for tourism.

The outer metropolitan fringe areas will provide a diversity of choice for a range of housing markets, close to our rural and natural environments. New greenfield developments will continue to contain a larger mixture of densities and housing types, and where possible be contiguous to transit corridors. They will connect people to transport and where possible, will make efficient use of existing infrastructure.

The Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 has introduced legislated Environment and Food Protection Areas (EFPAs) to protect our food bowl, tourism assets, valuable rural areas, landscape values and environmental resources, and to guide Adelaide’s future urban form.

It is important that we maintain Adelaide’s unique qualities as a city conveniently located a relatively short distance from one of Australia’s largest stretches of coastline, world renowned wine regions and unique landscapes. We are already being recognised for our foresight in doing this. There is growing concern in Sydney and Melbourne that they are losing their valuable food production areas at an alarming rate and their populations being further dispersed from their workplaces. Therefore this Update focuses on enabling new development in our existing urban footprint, including our townships and identified fringe areas.

The Update also seeks to increase opportunities for agricultural value-adding activities and facilitate sustainably designed tourism and agricultural accommodation in suitable locations. The interface between townships and adjacent protection activities and areas of nature protection will also be well managed.

The Update has 14 policy themes which outline the policies and actions which will help us achieve our targets. The most relevant ones are listed below.