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The 30-Year plan for Greater Adelaide
2017 Update

Design Quality

Design Quality

As the face of Greater Adelaide changes, with a greater focus on urban infill, it will be important to ensure new development in existing suburbs is undertaken sensitively. The planning system will facilitate the development of neighbourhoods that reflect local identity and supports decision-making that builds local character.

Well-designed new development will help to activate open space, contribute to the streetscapes and facilitate the creation of new products for the market. The enhancement of the supporting neighbourhood infrastructure, such as streetscapes and local parks should be part of any new major development. A quality public realm not only contributes to quality of life and wellbeing, but also builds community pride and attracts investment and economic development.

Our competitiveness will be further strengthened by encouraging high quality and innovative design that create beautiful buildings and public places. New or redeveloped precincts will have unique characters, with an urban form that build on the distinctive character and valued heritage of Adelaide’s existing neighbourhoods. New and revitalised public spaces will be vibrant gathering places for our population, with active edges and managed events programs supported by innovative, adaptable infrastructure.

The Update has 14 policy themes which outline the policies and actions which will help us achieve our targets. The most relevant ones are listed below.