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30-Year plan for Greater Adelaide
2016 Update

Walkable Neighbourhoods

Walkable Neighbourhoods

As living patterns change, our local streets will become thriving hubs of commercial and recreational activity. Creating public places where residents can meet, walk and enjoy their time is essential.

Healthy, walkable neighbourhoods are places where people can live, learn, work and play. They offer a wide range of services that can easily be reached on foot or by bicycle, including schools, healthcare, shops, parks, sports facilities and public transport. They also provide streets and multi-functional public spaces that connect people with nature and support social interaction.

The Update has six high-level targets to help us measure our progress on how Greater Adelaide will become a more liveable, sustainable and competitive place.

Increase the percentage of residents living in walkable neighbourhoods in inner and middle Adelaide by 25% by 2045

How will we achieve this?

More affordable and diverse living options, close to public transport, open space and local services will be encouraged. Greater emphasis will be placed on providing quality public open spaces that can support a diverse range of activities. Our streets will also be designed to better complement those walking and cycling.

The Update has 14 policy themes which outline the policies and actions which will help us achieve our targets. The most relevant ones are listed below.