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The 30-Year plan for Greater Adelaide
2017 Update

Containing Our Urban Footprint and Protecting Our Resources

Containing Our Urban Footprint and Protecting Our Resources

Adelaide is fortunate to have some of the country’s premier agricultural regions right on our doorstep. Where else can you hop in the car, drive less than an hour and visit some of the world’s finest wineries?

One of the biggest challenges in the future will be preserving our vital agricultural and tourism resources, while still encouraging population growth. We need to ensure new developments don’t disturb the quality of these landscapes.

The Update has six high-level targets to help us measure our progress on how Greater Adelaide will become a more liveable, sustainable and competitive place.

1.1 - 85% of all new housing in metropolitan Adelaide built in established urban areas by 2045
1.2 - 90% of all new housing in the Outer Greater Adelaide region is within the established townships and designated urban development areas

1.1 - 75%
1.2 - 88%

How will we achieve this?

The State Government’s new planning legislation will protect our food bowl, tourism assets and picturesque landscapes. The plan seeks to enable not only more development within our existing urban footprint, but to ensure that new developments complement existing neighbourhoods and provide compact, walkable and cycle friendly communities. It will mean a make it easier for people to exercise, reduce car crash fatalities and vehicle-related air pollution, and lower personal transport costs. In addition, it will protect 970,000 ha of agricultural, tourism and environmental lands against further intensive development for residential purposes.

The Update has 14 policy themes which outline the policies and actions which will help us achieve our targets. The most relevant ones are listed below.