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The 30-Year plan for Greater Adelaide
2017 Update

More Ways to Get Around

More Ways to Get Around

The convenience of living in close proximity to buses, trains and trams can’t be underestimated and the task of developing Adelaide’s public transport system is already well underway. Our challenge for the future is to create a strong residential population to support this transport network.

The Update has six high-level targets to help us measure our progress on how Greater Adelaide will become a more liveable, sustainable and competitive place.

60% of all new housing in metropolitan Adelaide is built within close proximity to current and proposed fixed line (rail / tram / O-Bahn) and high frequency bus routes by 2045


How will we achieve this?

A new tram system is proposed along with service upgrades for a number of train lines and higher frequency buses. More housing and employment around these public transport corridors will be encouraged. Less reliance on cars will also free up our roads, reducing emissions and relieving infrastructure costs.

In the CBD, an upgraded transport network will dovetail the city’s reimagined laneways and streets with connected transport links. Trams will loop the CBD and beyond, linking inner city suburbs and pedestrian-friendly streets.

The Update has 14 policy themes which outline the policies and actions which will help us achieve our targets. The most relevant ones are listed below.